Saturday, August 12, 2006

Mackinaw City

We're taking a break and resting a bit so I thought I'd take this chance to post a quick entry. We're having a really nice time and things are going well. Today we traveled the rest of the way to the Mackinaw Bridge. I'm really scared of heights but I did fine crossing the bridge when we were in the middle lane. The outside lane wasn't as good! The kids loved crossing it. We went to the Castle Rock. I had heard this wasn't an easy climb- Brenda you were right! I wanted to die on the way up! It made me feel better that everyone was stopping to catch their breath- even the skinny ladies!!!! I took a picture to prove I made it- well almost. I couldn't make myself walk over the green plank to get to the lookout. I got halfway and I just couldn't go any further- I can't explain it but when you're scared of heights it can really be paralyzing!
Our hotel is right on the water- beautiful! Tomorrow we go to the Island and spend the day there- should be fun.
The weather is PERFECT! It's about 78 and sunny- very comfortable. I'm so thankful.

This is at the top of Castle rock- it doesn't look like it but we're very high. This was as far as I went!

This was at the entrance to Fort Michelamackinac:

This is the view out of our hotel room- Beautiful isn't it!

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Terri said...

Looks like fun. I might have to go back there sometime with the family.