Thursday, August 24, 2006

We've had a miracle!

You probably remember that about 1-2 months ago Halle damaged her tooth. I was so upset about this. I know it sounds silly- it's a baby tooth and a new one will take it's place eventually. I felt the same way when a friend had the same thing happen to her child. I kind of downplayed the whole thing. THEN- it happened to me! Well this was a whole different scenario! You see if she is anything like her sister- she won't get her adult teeth until she's 7! That would mean 2 years of no tooth! It wasn't such a little thing to me anymore!
So I asked my prayer partner to pray (Thanks Brenda!), my sisters to pray, and I prayed. We took her to the dentist because it continued to get worse and he said the tooth was indead dead and we would just have to watch it to see if it needed to get pulled. This is what the tooth looked like:


Well, I got my miracle! Look at her tooth now! There's no explanation except that God saved that tooth. I don't know why it surprises me so- why do we sometimes think that God doesn't care about the little things. I mean I know God cares about the little things, but if I'm honest- I really didn't think this tooth was going to be saved! I love how God uses even the littlest things to show us His love and power!

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Anonymous said...

How cool is that! You will have to share on Sunday night! Mari

Brenda said...

Yeah!!!! Praise God!! I love hearing about miracles like these!!!

julie said...

God is so awesome!!! Yeah!!!!

Laura said...

Wow - that is so cool because it's obvious the tooth was dead and now it's great!! That can't really be explained any other way huh? Awesome.