Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The best way to start a morning

So I'm sure this is going to be a shock to you all, but this morning I was down on the computer. No one else was up yet. I was quickly checking my emails and so on...then
down the steps comes Halle. She had obviously just woken up because she looked a little "sleepy" yet- thumb in her mouth and eye's barely open.
She comes over by me and climbs in my lap and tells me
"Mom- I need a little lovin!"
So off goes the computer and off to the couch where I can snuggle my little peanut because these chances are growing less and less.
I love starting the morning like that!

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Laura said...

Awwwww!!! That is SO cute! Doesn't it make your heart almost burst because you just feel so much love and you almost just want to smush them because you want to hug them so hard and just let them know you love em! (I don't have kids, but sometimes I feel that way about Aaron and Sofie!) Like you almost can't even love them enough! What a cute little biscuit - give her a smooch for me too!