Friday, August 18, 2006

The fruits of my labors

Our garden really produced well this year so it was time to get to work. I haven't canned salsa in a few years so this was the year.
It was fun to do it when almost everything came out of our garden. I only had to buy the jalapeno peppers. I'm still processing them as I speak, but I will have 32 pints when I'm finished- sometime tomorrow morning! I didn't get started until about 3:00 this afternoon because I had a funeral to attend today. It wasn't a great day to start because of the late timing but the tomatoes wouldn't wait!

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Anonymous said...

The salsa looks beautiful! A day like that makes you feel really productive doesn't it? I only accomplished getting my house cleaned after the funeral so you are up on me! Mari

Terri said...

I spent the rest of my day swimming (vacuuming the pool) and going out for supper. I have nothing to show for my day.

Southern Girl said...

Wow, I bet that's delicious salsa! We love the stuff at our house and people would probably be flabbergasted at some of the things we pour it on. ;)