Friday, February 02, 2007

Zoo Trip

The zoo trip turned out really well. It wasn't too cold at the zoo we were all surprised. For quite a bit of the time we were inside so all was well! Halle fell asleep on the way there so she was a bit groggy at first but then she livened up and was back to normal!
The first picture is Halle in front of the mountain goat- when he looked at us Halle was very excited and told me- look mom he's smiling at me- he did look like he was smiling- very cute!
The next picture is of the tiger- I thought that picture turned out really nice.
I apologize for the next picture. Apparently we got there when it was feeding time and there was the snake eating a mouse- thank me though because in the next cage was a very large snake with a very large large RAT waiting to be his dinner- very gross!!
The last picture is of her class. We had a really nice time!!


Laura said...

Very Cute! It looks like you had a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

I think we saw the same snake while we were there - Our snake had eaten the whole mouse except for his tail too. Terri

Anonymous said...

I love the tiger picture - it will make a great scrapbook page. (Not so sure about the snake picture!) Mari