Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I could never be a plumber!

I hope you've all eaten breakfast already and it's settled.....

Last night we were all ready to get into bed and Nick got out of the shower and told Mark he needed to fix the drain in the shower because it was draining really slowly. It had been getting to this point for awhile so Mark decided to just quick take the drain cover off and get out what was slowing it down. Well I knew I didn't want to see what was down there so I waited in the other room. Well I tried to anyway. My curiosity got the best of me and I went in and checked and not much was happening yet. I returned to the living room. As I waited in the other room, Mark yells out "Cher- DO NOT COME IN HERE!"
I heard mumblings between him and Nick and I half jokingly said-"why- is it a mouse?"

YES he says!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now at that point even though I'm in the living room I shreek and climb up on the couch so this dead mouse in my drain can't crawl out and get me!
After I calmed down a bit I hear "Oh- it's not a mouse it's a snake!"
What!! I said "a real snake?"
No- it's a plastic snake!
Originally he thought the snake was the mouses tail and you know how grosse it is in drains with the hair etc.... He thought that was the body.
Apparently someone (I can't imagine who!!!!!!!!! Oh wait I can- Halle comes to mind!) put a plastic snake down the drain cover and that was what was the main culprit. Our drain is now running great. I can't tell you how relieved I am that it wasn't a mouse because I would have forever been showering downstairs never again to return to my bathroom!


Laura said...

I'm with you - when Aaron has to plunge the drain I stay far away (even though most of it is my hair!) It is so gross to see all that hair but it would be even grosser if it was a mouse! I'm glad it was just a plastic snake.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting!! I know when we've pulled our drains up we find so much disgusting stuff in there too. I think that is definately a job for a man. It should inflate their egos. Terri