Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Getting back to normal

Not much of a post today- Now that the kids are back to school after the blizzard I'm trying to get my house back to normal. However- there's 1 large problem yet- in fact it's about 105 pound problem. MACK!!!!
Now he's been quite good up until this point, but yesterday afternoon it started. He sits at the gate in the kitchen and whines and barks and whines and barks some more. I was so fed up by the time Mark got home he knew he had to do something with him, so he started up the heater in the garage and him Nick and Mack went out to the garage for about 1 hour to give me some peace.

The countdown has begun- he has 3 more days in the house and then he's out!!
In a way this is a blessing because I was really feeling guilty about sending him back out because he just loves to be around us but I can't take this anymore!!!
If he was about 1/2 the size and being potty trained would be hugely helpful also!
Enjoy your pampering now Mack your time is coming to an end

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Laura said...

Oh... Poor little Mack. He is going to be one sad puppy when he heads back out. I understand though, he takes up a lot of room!