Saturday, February 03, 2007

Mack's moving on up!

Well since it's single digits outside it's not safe for mack to be outside so he's in my house!
Now this is an untrained, very large dog so you can imagine how this is working! Actually, Mack is behaving very well he's gated inside my kitchen and hasn't had an accident yet!
We gave him a bath before he came inside and you can see from the pictures how much he liked it. He did really well though!

Look how excited he was to get in the tub!
He's thinking- look what my life has come to!
A nice clean puppy!

You can imagine how excited Halle is to have one of her best friends inside the house. Now she doesn't have to walk outside to have her daily talks with him. I learned something from having him inside- apparently Halle has an incredibly relaxing effect on him- look at the trance like glowing eye gaze he gives her- her talk must be really interesting!!

It looks like he'll have to be in the house until Wednesday when it warms up just a smidge- I hope I make it that long!


Laura said...

I LOVE the picture of him peeking between Uncle Mark's legs during his bath! That is so cute. I'm sure he's glad to be out of that cold. We're keeping Sofie inside today too, but that means she has to be locked in her coop all day which she is not going to understand. Her Grandma Ras is going to come let her out to go potty though - we'll see if she can get her back in when she's done!
Halle and Mack are a cute pair!

Dawn and Joe De Lorenzo said...

That is too cute -he seems to like baths as much as cats! I think i is great for children to have a pet (and often best buddy).