Thursday, October 30, 2008


As I was doing my devotions this morning it seemed so relevant to what we are experiencing in our world around us. Here's a little excerpt:

Jacob said "For what a relief it is to see your friendly smile. It is like seeing the smile of God!" Genesis 33:10

A smile is nourishment for the heart, and laughter is medicine for the soul- but sometimes, amid the stresses of the day, we forget to take our medicine. Instead of viewing our world with a mixture of optimism and humor, we allow worries and distractions to rob us of the joy that God intends for our lives.
Today, as you go about your daily activities approach life with a smile on your lips and hope in your heart. Look for reasons to laugh and to smile. The world needs every smile it can get, including yours!
The more you look for humor the more you'll find it

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Jodi said...

Great advice, Cheri! :)

Cherdecor said...

This is great advice! Thanks Cheri!

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

Right on the money my friend! I'm so glad you've reminded us :)

If one ever feels down and out they just need to go to lunch with you and a smile will last on their face the rest of the day.

I drove by the coffee shop on the corner by GVSU and wondered when we can grab a cup together?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post:) Great reminder :) take care,Patty

A Stone Gatherer said...

Oh I like that! I love to smile at people! Thanks for the reminder to not let the distractions of this world make us forget that!

Mari said...

I don't remember ever seeing that verse before, but I really like it! Great advice!

Nancy said...

I agree with the rest, that is a great verse. Makes a body happy.

Bonnie said...

A good reminder Cheri ! Thanks.

:) :) :) :) ... a couple of smiles for you !