Monday, November 13, 2006

Prayer request

I went to the Dr. today and had the most disturbing experience there. I was early and while I was in the waiting room there was a mother and about a 5 year old girl in the play area by themselves. The mother was just being terrible to the little girl. The little girls wasn't doing anything wrong and the mother kept yelling at her. I heard the mother ask the little girl why she was such a brat, tell her she didn't want to hear 1 more word from her, tell her to just shut up. They got called in then and shortly after I got called in. Much to my dismay I ended up in the room next to them and I could hear her through the walls. She continued telling her to get her butt over here and sit down and so on.
On my way home I just couldn't get her out of my mind. This poor little innocent child. I thought on the way home that I should have done something, but what do you do? I almost went over and offered to read her a book just to get her out of her mothers hair, but I chickened out.
Now maybe this mother was just having a very very very bad day, but I highly doubt it. The words just seemed to roll off her tongue.
I prayed for her on the way home and if you think of it today and in the future please lift up this little girl- her name is Desiree (I think) and I really feel that she has a really rough home life. Please also pray for the mom- God can change her heart and I pray that He touches both of their lives.

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Anonymous said...

that made me cry, i will remember to pray for that poor girl, along w/ her mother and the rest of the family. stories like that really make me want to go into socail work and help out those children.