Thursday, December 18, 2008

I love this place- and a give away!

You probably all know about this place already, but I'm just finding out about it.
My Aunt told me about Papa Murphy's on cookie day and we decided to try it out on Saturday.

It's take and bake pizza and we all thought it was really goood.
Here's our pizza before baking it:

Here's our pizza after:

Here's the kids pepperoni pizza after:

It's very reasonable- about the same price as Digiorno and it tastes great!
I didn't know of any around here- but there's one by the new Meijers-(those of you from around here know where that is)
Next time I think I'll try the thin crust and Mark wants to try the stuffed crust.
I am now officially a fan!

Now for the best news- they have AWESOME guest services as well. I emailed them and told them I was really impressed with them and asked if they would give me a gift certificate to pass on to you. They said yes!!
So I'm doing a give away!
To enter simply leave me a comment and tell me your favorite toppings on your pizza. I will be doing a random drawing next Wednesday.
Good luck!

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Terri said...

The kids like cheese - I really don't care - I just love pizza!

A Stone Gatherer said...

That sounds great! Steve and I love thin crust so it's cool that they have both! So it's by the meijer in Standale? We'll have to try that, and sign me up for that giveaway! Way to go on e-mailing them! I never thought to do that!

Nate and Brenda said...

They do have VERY good Pizza!!!

My favorite toppings are Extra Cheese and Sausage!! Yum!!! Man I am getting hungry now.

That is so cool that they would give you a gift certificate!! How fun!!

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

Some of the ladies I work with have been talking about these pizzas. I guess there is one near our office, too. We haven't tried it, but I've only heard good things.

I only eat pizza without meat and sometimes no sauce :/

Melissa said...

I think about stopping almost every time I go by, which is often because it's on my way home from school!
I love pizza with ham and pineapple...but my favorite way is the kind I can only get in Romania...sauceless!!! :)

Jodi said...

Papa Murphy's is AWESOME! I love their deep dish pizza so if you haven't tried that, I'd highly (very highly) recommend that!

My favorite pizza topping is pepperoni, which I believe happens to be the most fattening of the meats! I hope I'm wrong!!

Nancy said...

Now that looks really good!! I'm not a pizza lover and only like fricano's, but I will admit that picture looks really good..

Mari said...

I've heard good things about them but haven't tried it. It sure looks good! I love bacon and pineapple!

Cherdecor said...

The closest store to us is in Ohio! I guess I will not be ordering one soon. =)

Jennifer said...

Mari and I could share because bacon Pineapple is my favorite also!

Chad and Tammy said...

That looks SO good! Chad's parents owned a place like that when Chad was a kid. It was called "Happy Corner Pizza". We haven't tried Papa Murphy's yet - we're definitely going to have to get over there!

Chad and I like any kind of meat on our pizza. The kids like just cheese on theirs.

Anonymous said...

A pizza is not complete without mushrooms as you know. p.s. There is a papa murphy's by Aaron and laura also.Duane

Diane said...

YUM! Hmmmm... I guess my favorite toppings would be ham and pineapple... unless we're talking taco pizza... Oh, it's just too hard to decide!

Anonymous said...

I've never tryed Papa Murphy pizza before but it sounds like everyone loves it! Thanks for picking me,Patty (positive thinking)

Sandra said...

They're very good aren't they and not too expensive actually.

I haven't had it in forever but everytime I see the name I laugh as I remember one of their older commercials.

Chi said...

I love pizza :) mmm Your pics look delicious!

My favorite topping is Pepperoni... if only because no matter where you go, the pepperoni pizza is usually good :) IF I go to particular pizza place near my house, them my fav topping is sour cream, on top of a taco pizza :D


Nancy said...

Have never tried it, but from your pics it looks great! Favorite toppings are ham/pineapple/onions or BBQ chicken. Yum!

cpullum said...

We are an extra cheese pizza!!!!!