Thursday, August 02, 2007

Time keeps flying by

I can't believe it's August already! I think we only have about 4 weeks till school starts up again. This summer in some ways has been the longest summer of my life, but in other ways it's flown by.
Arianna and Halle are ready for school to start again- Nick not so much. He doesn't mind school but this year it's the start of high school and I'm sure the nerves will be kicking in soon. I remember being so scared to start high school- new building to find your way around, new people, new teachers etc....
I can't believe I have a child in high school- I'm not that old am I??
Today I'm taking the kids to Walgreens for backpacks- they have them on sale this week. We'll see how they look when I get there. Saturday I'll have to hit Target for school supplies. It always amazes me every year how much we have to buy- it seems like every year the list gets longer.
Tomorrow we head out to the beach to visit Terri so I'll see you all back on Monday- Have a great weekend!


Brenda said...

Have a great time at the beach!!!!

I cannot how fast the summer is going to!!

Can you believe we leave in 1 day 13 hours!! Yee haa!!!!! Into the Hottest weather I have felt ever!! sigh!

Laura said...

It does seem crazy how much they make you buy for school now. Walgreens and Rite-Aid have been having a lot of good deals, and Wal-Mart is usually cheap too. Good luck and have fun at the beach!

Mari said...

I can't believe you have a kid old enough for high school either! I can't I will miss back to school shopping>

chelsea said...

I feel very sorry for Nick, I know exactly how that feels. I'm sure he'll be fine though, being the youngest really wasn't that bad, I didn't get picked on at all. At least you guys get to start school later than we do. Lucky bums.