Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Cute but oh so naughty!

Isn't this just the epitome of innocence??!!


Here's the story...
Last night Mark and Nick went to Grandpa's to pick up his table that he so generously gave us. While they were gone the girls decided they wanted to go swimming. I said ok but then noticed that they had already let Mack out of his kennell. We don't allow him to be out while anyone is using the pool because if he jumps up on the pool it will be history.
So the fun began. Mack doesn't kennell up nicely for anyone other than Mark or Nick-apparently us girls are too far down on the authority chain for him to listen to.
Well he actually did pretty well and after not too long we got him kennelled up.
The girls swam for a little while, came in and were drying off when I looked in the back yard and Mack was running around. I asked the girls why they let him out again. They didn't realize they did right away and then I see the shed door is open.
Well there's 2 ways to let him out- his kennell door or if you open the shed door and then inside open up his sleeping area he can walk right out. That's what happened. The girls forgot after we kennelled him up that when they let him out the first time that's how they had let him out (opening up the other 2 doors)

Well I told Arianna to get dressed to help me and we go out. Mack is barking away and I'm thinking oh no what is he into. Well I soon found out.
I went down underneath our deck and in the wood chips he's digging like crazy. I didn't even want to look because there are baby birds around there. I was sure he had one because I saw him pick something up with his mouth. I was dying because there was no way I was going to pick up a dead animal and dispose of it. It turns out to be a toad- that I believe is still alive. I'm calling him like crazy and of course he won't listen.
I grabbed the hose and prepared to spray him in hopes of getting him away from there.
It worked!!!!!!
He walked- no ran- away from there and ran to the slider door by the hot tub and started barking again and I looked and now he's messing around with a SNAKE!!!
What is going on- we don't have snakes in our back yard!!

So I sprayed him again and got him closer to the kennell but of course he won't go in. At this point I'm getting pretty ticked off because he won't listen and oh yeah by the way Arianna is helping me and she grabbed the hose and sprayed but kind of missed Mack and got me! (It's funny now but not then!)
I finally ran in the garage and grabbed the leash and actually caught him long enough to hook him on and drag him to the kennell- and when I say drag I mean drag- this is 100 pounds of dog and he thinks it's funny when he doesn't want to kennell up to just lay on his back and wait for a tummy rub and he won't stand up. Can't you just see me trying to get him to stand up! We finally made it though.
Why do these things always happen when Mark isn't around??
Good thing that dog is cute!


Laura said...

Oh my goodness! I was laughing so hard imagining that all happening. He certainly is the picture of innocence! :)

Terri said...

He looks awfully cute just sitting there. I can't imagine him running around, not listening. Good thing you had sure-shot Anna there to help you out. And what kind of snake was roaming around? I hope not like the picture that Laura send about missing sheep!!!

Mari said...

Sounds like quite a night! The hose was a good idea.

Mari said...

Sounds like quite a night! The hose was a good idea.

Ellen said...

He is very cute. My Shadow does not listen to me either, good thing he will do anything for a treat. Just wave a treat at him and he will follow me anywhere.