Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just for fun

Your Russian Name Is...

Aleksandra Katerina Kozlov

Just so you know- it's not real accurate though because I did Arianna and her's was:
Ksanochka Marisha Novikov

And Halle's was:
Milena Stefanya Ivanov

Funny- those weren't the names on their Russian Birth certificates!!!
have fun!


Laura said...

My Russian name was:
Katyenka Inessa Kozlov
I think I'll have to stick with my American name!

Mari said...

My Russian name is Stefanya Manya Kozlov. I don't know if I can remember how to spell that!

Terri said...

Mine was Lenusy Katyuska Solovyov. I think I'll also stick to my own American name. Is there one of these for China?

chelsea said...

Mine was Karina Khristyna Kuznetsov, I kind of like it, except for the last part. I think it's kind of pretty.