Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's fair time!

Every year we look forward to going to the fair. We went yesterday. This year we did the reading program again that our library sponsors. For every 90 minutes the kids read they get a free ride up to 5. They also got a free pass to the grandstands and a couple of free things from restaurants.
The kids had so much fun on the rides- they just loved the "rollercoaster" Halle even lifted her hands on this scary ride!!
They loved going through the barns and seeing all the animals.
We came again at night with Mark. We had supper at the fair and then we to the grandstands for the off road racing. So much fun. It was so funny to see how much Halle loved it this year- she and Shaelyn looked so cute cheering on their favorite car!
We also got to participate in my favorite thing about the fair- FAIR FOOD!!!!
Halle got cotton candy- Arianna got popcorn- Nick got fries- I got fries and Mark got an elephant ear- WOW!! I think we had enough fat for about 5 weeks!! But it was soo sooooooo good.
We all had a great time. And now I'm off to do laundry so my sugar induced slumber doesn't take over.


Terri said...

We made it to the end. Shaelyn continued to "always" pick the winner car. It just so happened that she would sometimes switch her pick!

Mari said...

Fair food is good - Bob has the first elephant ear of his life last night.

Laura said...

Mmmmm.... I could go for an elephant ear right now!