Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Marco Polo

Arianna got to have her friend Faith overnight last night. Faith kept asking Mark to come in the pool and play with them. Mark obliged and soon all I heard was:
Marco- Marco- Marco

They had alot of fun though! Hopefully they're good and tired out so they fall asleep tonight.

On a different note: Just to let you all know- I got my MRI results today and what a relief- it was completely normal so it is just a viral thing and I'm happy to say that as of Monday I was really starting to feel better anyway.
Even though this has been a nightmarish couple of months I wouldn't change it because it brought me closer in my relationship with God. On Monday when I prayed I finally just gave it over and said- if this is the path that you have for my life as long as you're in it with me- I will travel it- I did mention that I preferred not to walk it!!! but not my will but your will be done.
Surprisingly (not) that day I started to feel better. I can't tell you the gratitude I feel that God has lifted this burden from me- God is good- all the time!!


Mari said...

Great testimony. God is always with us, but sometimes it is hard to feel him there! He is good!

Laura said...

That Mark is such a good dad!

That is very, very good news!

Terri said...

Great! You sounded a lot better when I talked with you. See you on Friday - A38!