Monday, August 06, 2007

Pool fun

Nick found this crocodile blow up floater in the barn the other day. The girls were so excited. So excited that they wouldn't come in for supper. We ended up eating without them and they were told they missed supper and they could come in and eat supper but because they didn't listen they were not getting any bedtime snack that night. They came in and Arianna ate nicely but Halle wasn't happy about the stew I made for supper. She said if she ate it she would get sick- so nice when they appreciate your supper! We then all proceeded out to the pool and they were having to take turns with one of the other toys. It was Arianna's turn and Halle was being cranky about it. She ended up having to sit on the ladder until she could be nice. All of a sudden I hear her say:
"She just makes me so miserable!" I had to turn around because I was chuckling. Mark ended up handling the situation. Where does she come up with this stuff- no I've never said that about them!


Laura said...

She is such a character! But I know I used to think that about my sister occasionally too! :)

Mari said...

That poor miserable child! I can see she has it rough.

Terri said...

Poor Halle. Nothing ever seems to go right for her - even today while you were on the phone. She can't have a moments peace!