Monday, August 20, 2007

Oh the relaxation!

I am back and my feet are looking marvelous if I do say so myself! The spa where Julie had gift certificates to was really something. We pulled up and there was a Jaguar in front of the building. It was then that we knew we were going to be out classed here. It was so beautiful. They asked us if we would like a glass of wine while we had our pedicures. Since none of us really care for wine we all opted for water. The leather seats had massagers in them. The pedicure lasted for 45 minutes and was pure bliss. I've had other pedicures before but they don't even compare to this one. I really could have falled asleep!
We went to our favorite pizza place for supper- it was delicious. After eating way too much we went back to the hotel for some hot tubbing and then playing cards.
Lots of laughter and even tears from laughing so hard ensued.

We went to the beach the next day- the weather was perfect and we walked the boardwalk and just sat on the beach for awhile and enjoyed the weather.
We had such a nice time- it's always great to spend time together!!


Laura said...

Glad you had a good time! Pedicure do make you feel so nice and pampered.

Design One has the massaging chairs and offers you drinks too. But they're a little too expensive to go too frequently!

Mari said...

You are so lucky! Sounds great. I have a gift certifiacte to design one that I will be using soon - can't wait.

Terri said...

I could use one of those right now. My feet are tired from a long day of painting.

Nate and Brenda said...

I have so many nice memories of that day!!! :)