Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The vote results...

edited to add: Brenda just voted and she also is a very wise woman who see's the sweetness of Halle- she votes for the naughty but more cute category also!
(Just had to give credit where credit was due!)

The results are in for Halle.
She got 4 votes in the cute but more naughty category and
1 vote in the naughty but more cute category.

Thank goodness for Julie who apparently is wise way beyond her years and is able to see what's really in a childs heart. She is the 1 vote in the naughty but more cute category. Apparently all Halle's extended family doesn't know what they're talking about!!!!!

I think my vote as her mother cancels out everyone elses and I vote that she is naughty- mischievous would be a better word- however she is CUTE beyond words!!!!!

Thanks for voting everyone- stay tuned for future mischievous but cute events in her life!!

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Brenda Yonker said...

Aww man I voted the same as Julie yesterday. I guess mine must not have shown up. I hate computers.