Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Poor Nick!!

This week I couldn't take his hair anymore so I told him we were getting it cut yesterday. For whatever reason his normal place wasn't open yesterday so we went to another person. Now we've had a bad experience before when we went somewhere else but when we got there and I saw that it was a girl probably about 24-25 years old and very "in- looking" I felt confident.
She asked me what I wanted for his haircut and these were my exact words:
I'd like it to still be long but just give it a little bit of a style.
Pretty clear- wouldn't you say!!
So she starts and I start reading my magazine. There is my mistake because apparantly I should have been watching every move she made because when I looked up I about died.
She cut soooooooo much off!
She finishes up and by now I'm hovering over them cringing with every little snip she made- (she was just evening it out so I couldn't say anything)
She asks me - is this short enough or would you like it a little shorter!!
"No- it's plenty short" I said!
Here's my boy before:

And here's my poor boy after:

He's been so good about it- I apologized profusely after we got in the van. It's a good thing his hair grows quickly. I think it makes him look like he's 8 years old.
I never thought I'd say it but I want his long hair back again!
We will never go anywhere again to get it cut besides Rachel. I told him at least he won't have to get his hair cut for a very long time!!!


Anonymous said...

It doesn't look bad. The interesting thing is - I think he is looking more like you. I see a resemblance in both pictures. Mari

Terri said...

It doesn't look terrible but I think you see such a difference because it went from such an extreme. I do think it does make him look younger though! You just couldn't make it to the end of the school year, could you?
(He must look different because Shaelyn just came in and asked who that was in the picture!)

Laura said...

Really - I don't think he looks too bad! Don't worry about it! it will grow back before you know it.