Monday, May 21, 2007

I'm all out of sorts

Well this weekend didn't turn out like I planned. It's such a relief that it's God's plan and not mine that counts. If it was my plan this weekend would have been much different than what actually happened. Most of you know what happened on Saturday night but for those of you who don't here's what transpired.
We had our church auction on Saturday night to raise money for the youth. In a nutshell, a member of our church had a heart attack and died at the auction. He was only 44 and leaves behind a wife and 2 young girls. It all seems so surreal. He was healthy and just not someone you would consider to be at a health risk.
To be there when this happens and witness his wife and one of his daughters sit there and wait to see what happens to their loved one is something I will never forget.
What a witness she was to her child. She hugged her daughter and told her "Whatever happens we'll be alright, we know that God is holding us in His hands"

Church yesterday was extremely difficult. I can't imagine how the praise team got through it. He used to be a member of the praise team so that just makes it even more difficult. The words to the songs were so incredibly fitting (not a coincidence!) I couldn't sing half of them. I kept seeing the praise team struggling and then I would lose it all over again. It was so hard but I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else. It was truly a blessing to witness the church body holding each other up in a difficult time like this.

You see.. things like this aren't supposed to happen to young couples that are so close to our age.. except that it does... and it just did! May 19 will always be sketched in my memory- because it was also the 4 year anniversary of my moms death- also by a heart attack.
I find myself just hugging Mark and being so thankful that I still have my husband and our family is still intact. I know that life can change on a dime- one day you're here and well and the next instant you can be gone. Witnessing it just makes it seem so much more real and possible.
Give your family an extra hug today- in fact every day!

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Laura said...

That is such a terrible thing to happen. It breaks my heart to see people lose their spouse. I can't even imagine that. But it really shows your true heart when that happens and Debbie is such an awesome woman - to be able to say that to your child when that is happening is awesome. I'll be praying for her, this week will be very hard I'm sure.