Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Well as per usual here's how my morning went.
We get up and Halle is still feverish. She's crying on the couch because her throat hurts. I make the Dr's appointment for 11:15. I will leave around 10:15 for the appt so I put her in the tub around 9:30. She's still fussy but we get the bath done. She gets out and dressed and as I am helping her she feels cool as a cucumber! I say to her "How's your throat?"
Her answer......

What! Why does this always happen? Well if I cancelled the appointment this late they will charge me more than my copay so off we go (me with my tail between my legs)
We get there and when Dan comes in he asks how we're doing and I tell him we're both just fine! I then apologize and tell him whats happened.
He tells me don't worry about it and checks her out.
Her fever is gone but the virus she had has been going around and he's seen lots of it. He said even the older kids were saying the throat pain was really bad. OK- that makes me feel a little better. He explained that theres a chemical your body gives off during the day but not at night and that's why the symptoms always get worse at night.
She's doing much better and is seeming more like herself so I think she'll be good to go for school tomorrow!
I'm definitely glad she's feeling better- I don't like it when the fevers last that long!


Laura said...

Isn't that always the way? Oh well - glad she's feeling better anyway!

julie said...

Good!! I am so glad that she is feeling better. Strep throat can be really rough!! I remember having it when I was little and it felt like swallowing glass. Also, glad that you will be able to come tomorrow!!!!!


Terri said...

In spite of the embarrassment, glad she's feeling better.