Friday, May 11, 2007

A tribute to my mom

I don't know if it's because Mothers day is just a few days away, but for whatever reason I've been missing my mom lately. There are so many times now that I'm a mom that I would love to be able to ask my mom questions (like how did you deal with Terri!)
I think everyone takes their mom for granted a bit- but I know for sure that I did. I just assumed that everyone grew up in a family like mine where you had a mom and a dad and siblings and everything was pretty much perfect!
Now that I'm older and see more of what the real world is like I know how blessed I was and still am.
When I think of mom I think of a loving mom- I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she loved me. I think of a calm mom- I don't know if I don't remember it but I really don't remember her yelling at us (I'm sure it happened occasionally, but I truly don't remember it)
I think of a wife who loved her husband. My parents didn't fight in front of us- what a great example they set for us.
I think of a mom who was a great mother to 4 children. I struggle with 3- she did an awesome job!
I really miss my mom but I'm so proud that she was my mom!
Happy Mother's Day!


Terri said...

I miss her too. I know we've talked - there are questions I would love to ask her now that I'm older. I truly wonder how life would have been if she hadn't had that stroke. We never realize how good things are until they're gone.d

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think there is a plot to make me cry when I get on the computer. Yesterday Laura - now you! You did a great job of writing this - She would have loved it!!! I miss her too. I can't believe it's been 4 years, but at the same time , it seems so long. She was a great Mom. Mari

Laura said...

Goodness - what is this? Make each other cry week!?
I miss her a lot of times too.
I guess it was different for me because she gave me Grandma's love instead of Mom's love. She was always so good at loving us. The thing I miss most is how proud she was of us. Anything we did was gold and now there are so many things I want to show her and tell her and I know she would be so proud. The hardest thing is that she never got to meet Aaron, and that she wasn't at my wedding. I know she probably would have been the proudest and happiest one there besides Aaron and I. I regret taking her for granted too, she was definitely a very, very special lady. One good thing though it that it helps me to remember not to take my mom for granted. We have such an awesome family!