Thursday, May 24, 2007

End of soccer

Last Saturday was the end of the soccer season. I was really pleased with doing soccer with Arianna. She really loved it and it wasn't a sport that was overwhelming with practices and games.
We really had the best coach of them all. He was a very calm, supportive coach who wasn't yelling all the time- (there were a couple like that).
I just hate it when the coaches or the parents get so competitive. I don't feel that's a good emphasis for the kids at all!
Arianna got a trophy at the end- all the teams got the same trophy- there were no first places or last places- very cool!
The really special thing was that her coach bought all the girls a really cute bracelet and engraved their names and they had a little soccer ball on them. I thought that was so sweet of him!


Laura said...

That's so cool. I'm glad she had so much fun. She is looking so grown up!

Anonymous said...

Very good Anna. You have to come over and play some soccer with me, that would be really fun. Except, you would probably be teaching me some moves instead of the other way around. Nice job! Chezzy
(P.S.- I like your shorts, they're very cute)

Anonymous said...

Cool trophy Anna! Glad she had fun - she certainly doesn't get her love of a sport from our side of the family! Mari

Terri said...

What is Mari talking about. Some of us on this side of the family enjoy sports! Glad you had fun Anna.