Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I have a favor to ask. Tomorrow my dad is having surgery on his foot. They are going to be rebuilding part of his foot because he has bone rubbing on bone which is very painful. This will be about a 2 1/2 hr surgery and then he has to be completely off his feet for 2 weeks and total recovery is 2 months.
It's not necessarily a risky surgery, but my dad is 77 and surgery can be risky at that age.
Please pray for a successful surgery and also for healing without difficulties and patience for his wife Ann. This is going to be a long haul and we're so thankful that she is there with him.

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Cherdecor said...

Cheri, I will pray for him. Surgery at any age is a risk. May the Lord give him a quick recovery.

Diane said...

Praying for him, Ann, and all of your family during surgery and recovery!

Mel's World said...

Consider him bathed in prayers...please let us know how the surgery goes!!!

Sandra said...

Will keep him in my prayers :)

And I was like you last night, trying to figure out what to watch between DWTS and Jon and Kate LOL

I did the same thing and like the same guys you do. Can't wait for the ladies tonight.


A Stone Gatherer said...

I will pray for you dad and Ann, and you all! We feel the same way about Steve's dad with Tena. She is an awesome helper to him! We're glad he has her!

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

You can bet I'll be praying. I understand foot issues better than most. I head to the specialist in a week and I'm thinking surgery is in my future, too. Yes, bone on..well, nothing but the skin between it and the floor..ouch!

Let your dad know that prayers are being said for him. We know there is power in prayer.

I have a good life said...

I'll join in the praying for him. I sure hope that his surgery goes really well.

utmommy said...

I hope all goes well. Prayer and hugs coming your way.

Deborah said...

I'm praying for him, cheri!

Joanne said...


I may be too late to pray for his surgery but I will pray now for his recovery!

Happy Easter friend!