Saturday, March 15, 2008

Girls day out

Mark had a youth leaders meeting all day today and Nick had to work so it was just us girls today. I decided to take the girls to see Horton hears a who. First of all-
What a great movie!!!!!
I have to back up though. I wanted to go to the first showing because I had lots of other things to get done, so I went to the 10:30 showing. I got there and there were no ticket lines open except this table off to the side. I went over and asked if I could get tickets and the lady tells me that a certain school PTA had reserved the first showing, but I was welcome to get tickets from them. Well the tickets were $10 a piece, but they included pop, popcorn and a poster and stickers. I wasn't planning on even buying popcorn because we were going out for lunch, but I didn't want to hang around for 1 hr for the next showing either.
I bought the tickets and we went in. I was a little irritated, but we were in and all was good.
At 10:30 the lights went completely on and a lady gets up and thanks everyone for coming out and that we were going to play some games! Oh boy, did I feel out of place! They were going to ask questions and whoever got them right got a free dvd. I told the girls NOT to raise their hands, because I felt like an intruder and this was for the other kids schools. They also told everyone that they had spies watching everyone and whoever was the quitest would win the grand prize.
We sat through the games and then she asked everyone if they wanted to know who the grand prize winner was-everyone cheers. Then all of a sudden this girl starts coming down our aisle.....I started to shrink in my seat and sure enough.... she picks up Arianna's arm!!!
Congratulations- you're the grand prize winner! Oh it was awkward- no one else knew anything was wrong, but I felt very wierd about it all.
They did tell me I was welcome to get tickets, so I guess it's all fine.
Here's what Arianna won:

Her very own stuffed Horton!

It was a very proud moment for me, because I instantly thought- Oh no- Halle's going to be sad....
Actually, Halle looked at Arianna and told her "Cool- Anna!"
And then much to my delight- Arianna looked at me and said- "I'll share it!"
Oh how my heart rejoiced!

I highly recommend this movie- it's so cute and very well done. The girls loved it!

If you look at the picture of Arianna- you might be able to tell from the picture that she is not feeling well.
Late this afternoon, she came down with the bug that Halle had on Thursday-Friday.

Hopefully she feels better soon I'm really hoping I don't get it. My dad is having surgery on Wednesday and I'm supposed to be there. I don't want to be sick!

Tune in Monday- I have an important topic that I would like your input on.

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Mari said...

Yeah for Anna! That is really cool and made for an exciting day. I can see she doesn't feel good and I hope she's better quick!

Karen said...

I hope you don't get sick and that the girls get well soon too. We are planning to see Horton in the School holidays (Mid April here), so glad to hear it is good - hopefully no PTA folk..though winning a Horton looked super cool

Cherdecor said...

What a fun surprise! Yeah, I can tell she doesn't feel well. Hope that you all stay well.

A Stone Gatherer said...

Lot of great reviews on that movie! Can't wait to see it now! Congrats to Arianna on Horton, way to go, but sorry you are sick!

Nancy said...

I think some how your whole family (including sister Mari) have some kind of PICK ME!!! label on your foreheads. You all win stuff all the time!!! How nice

Melissa said...

How fun! I heard about the movie, but wasn't too excited to see it. I think I might have to give it a chance now though! :)

Nate and Brenda said...

Awesome!!! She won that fair and square! You bought those tickets like everyone else did!!!!

LeslieW. said...

That is so funny! I am glad it worked out and she got such a cute horton! I hope to take Abby some time over Spring Break, which starts next week! And, I think it's so funny to see "pop." Down here it's coke. Everythings coke. Sometimes you'll here soda, but never "pop." That's fun.

Anonymous said...

How exciting! What a sweet moment too!

Laura said...

That is very weird that they would let a group buy out the first showing like that. I guess it worked out though right? I can't wait to see it too!