Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A very long long night

I'm so glad last night is over with. Mark left for Canada for work at 3:00 yesterday afternoon. I always worry a little when he's driving somewhere for work trips (those of you who know him and how he drives completely understand this!!)
So he was supposed to call me around 9:30 when he got there. I know how tiring it is to drive straight for over 6 hours so I decided after supper at 6:00 to call him on his cell phone and maybe call him every 2 hrs or so until he got there. I call- it goes directly to voice mail. OK- I wasn't worried at first, however when an hour goes by and still voice mail I was getting concerned. He was supposed to have his phone on so I wasn't sure what was going on. Well, turns out I never did get ahold of him the entire time.4 long hours of worry!! Just to make matters worse- I put Halle to bed and she starts crying because she wants daddy home. I told her daddy will be home on Friday and then we get to go to a great Christmas party that night. She says she wants to go to the Christmas party now. I said- you don't want to go to the party without daddy do you? Her reply-- daddy isn't ever going to come home! Well that wasn't what I wanted to hear when I can't get ahold of him and I'm picturing him crashed somewhere!!! She continued crying on and off for about 45 minutes- finally she fell asleep. I couldn't take it anymore and at 10:00 I looked up the hotel and called to see if he had checked in and low and behold- yes he had! They rang me through and I said um hello- you were supposed to call me! He said he was trying to figure out his cell phone to see if he could call internationally with itand was just about to call. He never did get the voice mail I left him. I was just so relieved that he was safe and sound!! Unfortunately, I apparently have a little of my mother in me- I hate to think how worried I'll be when my kids start driving- lets just all pray that they drive like me and not their father!!

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Anonymous said...

I know those feelings. I am the same way and now I have it with Katelyn too! Terri