Monday, December 18, 2006

Halle's Christmas Program

Halle had her school Christmas program last week. It's so nice that we have the fine arts center at the high school now. It makes it so much nicer to see these programs now instead of sitting at bleachers at the school gym!

The program was about a family picking out their Christmas tree in the woods. The bottom picture is Halle singing the mittens song. It was ccccold out side so they needed mittens to keep their hands warm.

Then at one point in the story the family picked out their favorite Christmas songs to sing. One of the little girls picked out- Old McDonalds Farm. The sister didn't think that was a good Christmas song but the mom said it was fine. The top 2 pictures are about the animals on Old McDonalds Farm.
One is the deer with his antlers. The other is the skunk that was on the farm. He was stinky.
Halle did a great job and it was so cute to see her keep looking out for us and then giving this tiny wave when she spotted us. It was a cute program! It's really nice that she was in the front row. It really helps to get decent pictures!

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Tiffany said...

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I saw that you have two mircles from Russia. I have one handsome mircle from Russia as well. Tobin that is two and will be three in January. Please feel free visit my blog of home. Love to stay in touch with you.