Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Is it just me or does this picture speak to you too??!?

I ran across this picture today and it just really spoke to me. Look closely at this young man. I mean look really closely- it's obvious that he is really father material. His eyes are saying "I would really really like to begin a family right now." In fact if you look closer he's saying "If only my wife would agree to start a family right now- that would make me the happiest man alive- that would be a great Christmas present!"

Actually now that I look closer this picture is speaking volumes. Look at the man behind. He is saying "I would really like to be a great grandpa"
They say a picture is worth 1,000 words- I'd have to agree- wouldn't you??!?


marios web said...

You know, when I look at that picture I see the same thing. If fact, when I look at pictures of some women in the next room, they are also saying, I would like to be a Grandma or a great-aunt. Pictures sure do speak volumes, don't they!

Anonymous said...

I agree - what a great picture! Mari

Brenda said...

I definately agree that picture does speak volumes.

However what ever would poor Sofie do! LOL :)

Laura said...

You are all so very funny! I'm sure Aaron will be laughing as well. I think he will probably say that he is thinking "I'm so glad I don't have kids yet!"

And yes, I think Brenda is right - Sofie would be very distraught!