Thursday, December 07, 2006

getting old

Today Terri and I went to visit my Aunt who is in a hospice home. This is my dad's oldest sibling. My Aunt is not doing well and they don't expect her to live much longer. My dad comes from a large family and this is the first sibling that will pass. I think this is going to be really hard on dad as they're all getting older.
We got to the home around 9:40 or so and went to her room. She was sleeping and we tried to wake her but she only opened her eyes for a moment and then went right back to sleep.
So we didn't get to visit with her. The whole thing just makes me a little sad. It's a little strange to think of my aunts and uncles not being there anymore when we've been surrounded by them our whole lives. I hate to think of my dad getting older and I know he thinks about it a lot. You just always imagine your lives with your parents in them and now that mom's gone and dad's getting older it just makes you realize that your life will be different one day.
I'll just keep enjoying the time we have right now!

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