Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Years

We had a great New Years Day. We had 2 1/2 other couples over to our house and 13 kids total. It went great. We did fondue for supper. Now the last time we tried this I got totally sick from the oil so I still did 2 pots of oil for the others but 1 pot of chicken broth for me. It was great. I preferred it for the veggies and the chicken- it really added a great flavor. We sat in our hot tub and then played "Guitar Hero". Thanks Julie for bringing it- It was really fun!

The next day didn't go as planned. We were supposed to get together over at Terri's house. We got a call that my brother Duane got in a car accident and needed to go to the hospital. Being stubborn- he wouldn't ride in an ambulance!
We first took him to Zeeland Hospital because we thought he only needed stitches in his head.
When we got there and I saw it- I about died! He had a 28 cm laceration from one sided of his head over to the other and it was down to his skull!
He is a very lucky person- he didn't even have a concussion. Thank goodness for air bags. He hit an icy patch and hit a tree at 55 mph!

They couldn't take care of it at this hospital so then he did have to take an ambulance to Butterworth to have them take care of it.
We got home around 11:00. I'm just thankful he's ok!
Now I'm hoping that's a sign that 2008 is going to be good because obviously he's very fortunate!

I'll be back posting starting Monday when the kids go back to school. Happy New Years to you all!

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Bonnie said...

I was just over at Terri's blog and read all about your brother ! I'm so glad he is going to be ok !

I love fondue !! Have you ever been to a fondue restaurant ? There is one in Denver called The Melting Pot. It's fantastic ! If you ever get a chance to go ... you should !! Yum-O!

Terri said...

I just might try that fondue sometime with the broth. Hope you're doing better today too!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Wow mem are tough aren't they! Glad he is O.K., God sure took care of him! Glad you had a fun new years too! It's so much fun spending the last night of one year with good friends!

Laura said...

That is so crazy. If that happened to be I wouldn't be arguing with the ambulance driver because I'd be passed out!

I am also in shock that a "hospital" has nothing available to take care of a head wound. Especially because there can be much worse injuries than a giant cut on your head. Can they only handle tiny cuts?

It was nice that you and Terri took care of him though - you're good sisters!

Dena said...

I would have DIED if I had seen your brother - Why are men so stubborn! So glad he is okay though - Praise God! I think it is an indication of a year full of blessings - because that wreck could have gone VERY VERY wrong -

I love fondue - yum but there is something about cooking yo food with others - but bring on the grease!

Brenda said...

So glad that Duane is okay!!

News Years was so much fun!!! Now I get to start thinking of next year at my house!! LOL

The Chicken Broth Fondue was very good!!!

Mari said...

It was quite a day (and night) for you guys! I'm going with Dena's thought - it's a sign of a good year!

Mari said...

It was quite a day (and night) for you guys! I'm going with Dena's thought - it's a sign of a good year!

Cherdecor said...

How BLESSED your brother is that he is still alive! Hitting a tree at 55 mph kills people. Thank the Lord that he spared his life! I agree with Mari and Dena - hope it is a sign of a GOOD year!

I had to laugh out loud at Laura's comment. "Can they only take care of tiny cuts?" Hahahaha!

Jennifer said...

Are you following me around in the blog world tonight? Your posts keep showing up when I enter mine. Crazy!

Nancy said...

Oh, I heard about your brother, so glad he is ok. what a way to start the new year, but like you said It will be a good one....

Jennifer Partin said...

I'm glad that Duane is okay---things could have been so much worse.

We love fondue too! It's a tradition in our home on Valentine's Day.

Sandra said...

Oh wow....I just got shivers when you described your brothers laceration....I'm SO glad he's ok.

Hope you're having a wonderful day!

Mel's World said...


How completely scary is that!!! Thank God he is well and alive!

Sounds like fun doing the fondue thing...never done that before, but it looks incredibly yummy!

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

First off, did someone say "hot tub"? ...and when are we meeting?hehe.

Secondly, I'm thankful that your brother's angels were surrounding him on every side and that he is okay. The wound will heal and he will have a story to share with many. Giving much thanks to God for His unfailing faithfulness and for all that we can look forward to in this new year.

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