Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The life of a kindergartner is hard

It really amazes me the level of homework Halle has this year. When I compare it to what Nick had and even Arianna had it's quite something.
Every week she comes home with a homework packet. She has about 5 sheets of homework to do. Now that they're back in school the teacher has added to the packet. She now has a writing journal that she has to write in for 10 minutes and also beginning reader books are coming home. It just seems to me that they are pushing these kids so hard!
I will admit that I was very pleased when she read the book to me and I only had to help her with the words: Pepperoni and spices. She did great- it's so cool to see your child reading by themselves.

Her teacher had mentioned that they would be getting spelling lists as well after Christmas break- aghhhhhhhhhh- that'll add another 15 minutes onto the homework time.
Arianna also had homework last night- she always gets hers on Mondays which I love.
She also had a book report to do so she was doing homework from when she got off the bus till 8:00 last night. At least she's done for the week now!
From the levels of work- we should be having geniuses graduate!

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Laura said...

That is crazy. They shouldn't push the kids so much - they have their whole lives to slave away at work, they should enjoy the few measly years of freedom they have!

And anyway - I hardly remember anything I learned in school and I don't think anything really prepares you for real life anyway. And good grief - they're in kindergarten for Pete's sake! What happened to nap time?

Jennifer said...

I think that is just crazy! What is the point of sending them to school if they need to do so much of it at home? Let kids be kids. Maybe I am a bad mother but I really don't push my kids on homework while they are in elementary and Anna and Kaylyn get straight A's without me EVER telling them to do their homework. Zack is a little different I need to check in on him now and then not quite as self-motivated. Why burn them out on homework when they will be getting so much more in MS and HS? Crazy I tell ya just crazy!

Terri said...

I thought that yesterday you were excited that they were going back to school! I agree - that level of homework is ridiculous. Shaelyn only has to do her math paper, every other Monday and it takes about 5-10 minutes. I really would like those cat books though.

chelsea said...

I don't remember getting any homework at all when i was in kindergarten. I think there was only 1 time that I had something to do throughout the whole year.

Mari said...

I think they are having too much homework now. Homework in kindergarden is crazy!

Heather's Brain said...

this was the first thing that catipulted us into home schooling our boys. When my son did not have recess for 3 months at age 6 and had just that much work everynight AFTER school, I put my foot down. They were appalled that I did not think it was a good idea to hold a 6 year old boy in at recess on top of all of that and that I would no longer force him to do the home work...they just died! So we took him out and he has been doing GREAT ever since. He actually does more work now than he ever did in school! And learned to read in less than a month after we took him out. The bottom line is, IF IT STRESSES HER, deal with it. She may be just fine though!

YIKES! I wrote a book! All I wanted to say in short, was that it seems like a lot, but is it bothering her? If not, she just may be a genious! WINK!!!

Nancy said...

That is nuts, I thought kindergarten was to introduce kids to interaction with other kids & maybe a few learning tools. Kids aren't allowed to be kids anymore. I probably wouldn't pass 1st grade!!!LOL

Cherdecor said...

I had a very long post here, but decided to delete it. Mainly because I don't want to discourage you by saying negative stuff.

I have been a teacher for many years, but I sooo agree that your little girl should not be having homework. I know what worked for me but I don't know your circumstances and I don't want to make your situation more intolerable.

I will just pray for you and your little girl. My heart goes out to you.

A Stone Gatherer said...

Boy I agree! It's crazy what they expect our kids to do! I sometimes wonder what their day is like at school that so much needs to come home!

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

wow-I am so sorry to hear that. That does sound really bad. All that homework. That is crazy.
Lifting a prayer for them.
BLessings my friend,

Sandra said...

I agree, when Jasmine was in kindergarten I already thought it was too much and she didn't even have the tough teacher, the tough one was making the kids do a book report everynight.

Dena said...

YIKES! that seems like a TON of work - I am NOT looking forward to homework!

LeslieW. said...

That is a lot of HW, maybe because they don't use their time efficiently at school? There are so many distractions and interruptions. I am sorry that you have gotten more work too! All mom's need more to do don't they!