Saturday, January 12, 2008

7 wierd things about me

Kim has tagged me to do a meme: I'm supposed to list 7 wierd things about me.
This has proven to be quite difficult, but I'm giving it a shot!

1. I have a hammer toe on my foot. My family likes to tease me about this.
2. I can snap my toes like people snap their fingers.
3. I don't know how wierd this is- but I hate seafood- including lobster.
4. When we stay at hotels, I'm obsessive about leaving the room totally picked up and beds made.
5. When I smile my whole upper lip dissapears.
6. I very much dislike sitting at the beach- too hot and too sandy.
7. I like the winter much more than summer.

OK- now that was much harder than I thought it was going to be. I'm not going to tag anyone specifically- if you want to play along feel free!
I'm off to Florida in the morning- I'll be posting in the next couple of days giving you all an update!

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Mari said...

Alright now! I was tagged for this last week and have my post ready to go, but haven't posted it yet. Now 3 people I was going to tag have all been tagged - you were one of them. I am as weird as you in - #3, #4, #6. We must be related!
Have fun in FLorida - we'll miss you!

Cherdecor said...

When our boys were young and I would have to buy them new shoes, they would always complain that the shoes were too tight, and they couldn't move their toes. I would tease them about having to snap their toes. I don't really know if they did, but it sure seemed like it. We would always have to buy the shoes bigger than needed so they could snap their toes. I really didn't know that there were other people who could snap their toes. Maybe you aren't so weird after all.

Nancy said...

Your not so weird except for the not liking the beach... that is awful, I love the beach & dislike winter!!!

Nancy said...

Your not sooo weird, except about not liking the beach!!! Who in their right mind doesn't like the beach I ask you??? & that liking winter thing, boy you are confused!!! Have fun in sunny Fla, they have beaches there you know!!!

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

I'm with Nancy, you are funny. I can't believe you like winter. I guess you are in the right state. I never minded it until I found out there were wonderful warm states to be in during the freezing temps of Michigan.

I can't say I love the beach other than the beauty of it. I'd much rather sit in my backyard and enjoy my old pool.

Have a great time in Florida. Remember, you are there to work and not just play :o)

Laura said...

I am just like you with the hotel rooms! I hate leaving it a mess - but people have told me before that the maids would rather have the bed covers on the floor because that's what they're going to do anyway - if you make the bed then they have to unmake it. Oh well - I just can't look like a slob! :)

Anonymous said...

Cheri, You probably don't know this but I hate feet,so your toe snapping thing grosses me out and a hammer toe??WHAT IS THAT!!!??? You are just too weird!!!!jk See-ya soon,Patty

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Interesting! I did not know it was possible to snap your toes! :)
Thanks for sharing. If I get the courage I may do this.