Sunday, September 16, 2007

Nick's 15 today!

Again today we have a guest blogger: Mark is taking over today for Nick's Birthday:
Happy Birthday Nick! You're 15 and almost ready to drive~ You're starting work too which means that we may have less time to spend with you. I just want you to know how much I love you and how proud of you I am for the decisions you make.
I can't wait to take you out hunting again this year and spend that time together.
You have grown into a person that really cares about others before your self. Keep growing in your relationship with Jesus and keep showing His love to others. I am so very proud of you!
I hope you have a great day! Love dad

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Brenda said...

Happy Birthday Nick!!! Wow 15!!

We hope you have a wonderful day!!

julie said...

Wow! That was so nice!!!! I'm all choked up! Happy 15th birthday Nick!! Enjoy your day!

Mari said...

Happy Birthday Nick - Hope you are having a wonderful day! Love you!
Nice job on the post Mark - you make all us women teary!

Terri said...

Happy Birthday Nick. Hope you're having a great day. Just think, next year, you'll be driving!

Melissa said...

happy birthday nick!!!!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Nick!! Hope you had a great day and your sisters treated you well!

Dena said...

Happy Birthday!!! What a wonderful guest blogger!!!!