Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hard work-but worth it

We got a nice gift from my dad since he got married. We got his nice oak table since they're going to be using Anne's. It's a really nice table but there were a few places that blemishes were starting to show because they didn't put a protective cover on the top. They always just kept a tablecloth on it, but I didn't want that on all the top- I want to see that beautiful oak!
So this weekend we refinished the table. I was so nervous! It really went well. We sanded it down to bare wood and then re-stained it and put a protective coat or coats as the case was on top.
It turned out so beautiful! We are so happy with the finished product.
The first picture is the 2nd coat of stain. We had to combine a couple stains to get the color we wanted.

This is the finished product- It has such a beautiful shine now!


Terri said...

Looks good. Can't wait to see it in person on Friday!

Brenda said...

The table looks wonderful!!!

Mari said...

It turned out great. It is a beautiful table.

Laura said...

Wow - that looks really good! It looks a lot nicer that way and now it won't have to be hidden under a tablecloth!