Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nice Matters

I was awarded the "Niceness Matters" award. Thanks Mari- I couldn't think of a nicer person to receive this award from!
I'd like to pass this on to a couple of people:
Jillian at Blog Me Til Midnight I recently came across her blog and I'm really enjoying it!

Leslie at The Wright Girls
Check out her blog- she puts the cutest things on there and Terri, Mari and I have all enjoyed getting to know her through the "blogging world"

Lastly I'd love to award this to Angela at Refresh My Soul
I consider it an honor to have gotten to know Angela through this blog. She is a wonderful Christian woman who has a real heart for serving Christ.

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Laura said...

Congratulations - you are a very nice person!!

Dena said...

So fun! You are sooo nice - you always leave great comments! Tell Mari and Laura to bring LOTS of pictures!

Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Congrats! And thanks too. That is really sweet of you!
Much love,

Mari said...

You are pretty nice - you're even watching Cleo for us! I'll have to check out your other blogs.

Sandra said...

Congratulations on the award, well deserved :)

Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Hey I tagged you-come over and ck it out!

LeslieW. said...

Thanks dude! I love being your bloggie friend!