Sunday, July 08, 2007

I'm back!

Well we got back from camping on Saturday. I have to say it was good to be back home- in my own bed and in my own shower!
We did have a good time and we couldn't have asked for nicer weather!
This is going to be a couple days worth of pictures so bear with me over the next couple of days!
On Tuesday the ladies all go shopping and the men take the kids to the beach. The lake was very cold at 52 degrees. Uncle Brett made a race to see who could reach the marker first and whoever won got to have a special ice cream cone on the way back. Nick won!
Look at Halle's face- that should show you how cold that water was. Then you see the picture of the race.
The next picture is Arianna attempting the water- the water won!
The last picture is of Nick sailing with Grandpa and Mark. They had a great time and he got to steer the boat for awhile which he thought was great!!
Stay tuned tomorrow for more pictures!


Mari said...

Looks like fun - although a little cold!

Laura said...

Looks like fun but I don't think I would have been in that water! They're brave!

Nick looks so old steering that boat!