Monday, July 16, 2007

Vacation day 4

Well I'm going to keep this brief- I'm tired and my stomach isn't feeling well- something I ate isn't agreeing with me at the moment.
Today was another great day. We went to Bear Country in the morning- the kids loved it- you drove through the park and we saw bears, sheep, wolves and lots of other animals.
From there we went to Presidents Park. It was nice- we were only there for about 45 minutes and it was 1/2 mile walk. Perfect in 90 degree heat- although the heat really truly hasn't been bad. I hope I'm not jinxing myself now!
Then we drove up to Spearfish Canyon- wow! So beautiful. We drove and saw all kinds of beautiful sights and then we hiked for about 1 mile to see the waterfall below. Very cool!
Then we stopped along the road at the creek and let the kids play- it was so fun- they all loved it!
I've also posted pictures of last night's lighting ceremony at Mt. Rushmore. Not quite what we expected as we thought it was going to be a light show but they just lit it up. Still pretty though.
Tomorrow we don't have much planned we're just going to play it by ear!


Mari said...

This sound like such a great trip. I really want to go now! Hope you feel better quick!

Laura said...

That picture of Anna and Halle is so cute - it would look great in black and white and framed! :)
I hope you feel better soon - that's a bummer!

Brenda said...

Love that picture of Halle and Anna!!! Too cute!!

Hope you feel better soon! We will miss you today! Glad to hear that heat is not so unbearable!!

Terri said...

Looks like a nice place to walk in the fall when it's about 65!!! Hey, Dad was wondering if you were going to something called corn barn or house. It's some building all made of corn and somewhere in S. Dakota.

julie said...

Cheri, Looks like you guys are having a great time!!! Very cool pics can't wait to hear more when you get back!!!julie

utmommy said...

Sounds like you guys are having a great time. I've always wanted to visit Mt. Rushmore. Maybe some day.

I need to post my vacation too. Where we went we had no access to a computer, so I will be playing catch up for a while.