Sunday, July 15, 2007

Vacation day 3

We started out the day going to Custer State Park. They have a whole drive you can take- it's about 2 hours. We all loved it. At the end they have a wildlife loop and you can feed donkeys and see buffalo, deer, prairie dogs and antelope. It was very cool. After that we went to Mt. Rushmore. Wow- how beautiful! We are heading back tonight to see the light show. I hope our pictures turn out good from that.
It's almost too much to take in how beautiful God's creation is. As Arianna says-
"God really makes cool stuff!"


Terri said...

The drive through the park looks like a really cool thing. That's something Shaelyn might have actually put up with! Hope your light show at Mt. Rushmore gives you great pictures. I'm looking forward to you having to do some scrapbooking for once!!!!

Mari said...

God does make cool stuff - and it's fun to see the cool stuff that we don't usually get to see. Glad you're having fun. THose are more great pictures!

Brenda said...

God makes very cool stuff!!!

Loved the pictures! Hope you light show pictures turned out good!!!

Laura said...

Very beautiful pictures again. I bet the kids love seeing all those different animals and being so close to them. Very cool.