Monday, April 23, 2007

What an awesome weekend!

We had such a great weekend. Arianna had a soccer game on Saturday - they won which was nice since they lost last week. She also had a nice surprise because Uncle Duane came to watch her play. She was excited to see him. I've made a realization- she plays better when no one extra is there. She still did good but when people are there to watch her she's very distracted trying to pay attention to them and not the game!!
On Sunday we went to church and then had home groups but then we grabbed lunch and took it out to the beach. What an absolutely beautiful day! The weather was spectacular!
We went for a walk on the boardwalk and walked all the way out to the pier. It was chilly out there but still beautiful! On the way back we let the kids play in the sand. Actually I just wanted to walk in it because boy did I wear the wrong shoes and my feet were absolutely KILLING me! We had to reward ourselves at the end with ice cream- it was so good!!
Here are my favorite pictures- sorry there are so many but I really loved these shots.
1. Arianna
2. Halle
3. Nick
4. No trespassing- you see the 2 naughty ones who don't obey the rules!
5. People windsurfing
6. The kids and me- You know I don't normally post pictures of myself but I had to post this one.Click on the picture to enlarge it. I've always thought Nick looked just like Mark but look at this picture- I really think his face looks like me here! What do you think??
7. Nick
8. The kids in a dune
9. Halle rolling down the dune- look at that face- do you think she's having fun?
10. The kids jumping off the stone- I love that I caught this in motion!


Laura said...

Very cute pictures! It definitely was a beautiful weekend.

Anonymous said...

You got some really nice pictures. You should have taken 1 of Mark - he's missing! Nick does look like you in that picture - I guess he has a little of both of you. Mari

Heather said...

Those are great pictures! Nick does look like you in that picture! It looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

We enjoyed the weather too! Terri

Anonymous said...

those are amazing pictures! i love the one of nick by the rock he looks so old (and handsome, there has got to be a few girls noticing this ;) and the last one is awesome too!