Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Over spring break we went to Frankenmuth for a short little vacation. We stayed in Birch Run and the first day we went to the outlet mall and did a little shopping. I didn't find many deals but I did find some capris for Arianna and that's what I mainly was shopping for so it was still fun.
The next day we went to Frankenmuth to walk around town there. It was unusually quiet there. I'm assuming it was because the weather was so crummy but I've never seen it be so empty. At Bronners Christmas store when we got there it was us and about 5 other families- very strange! The kids apparently couldn't quit thinking of members of our family because they were looking at a wood carving and informed us that Uncle Bob could have carved that better. Then we were walking in Bronners and they have decorations all hanging down from the ceiling and the girls told me that it wouldn't be good for Aaron to be here because the decorations would hit him in the head!
Even though the weather was cold, we still had a good time and it was a nice little break!

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Laura said...

That is too funny! They're so cute. I'm glad you all had fun.