Tuesday, April 17, 2007

An afternoon visitor

Yesterday afternoon about 4:30 I hear some commotion outside so I figured the daycare kids dad was here to get them. I start rounding them all up and I head outside and I hear all kinds of excitement going on. Next I hear the girls voices-
"Uncle Duane- Uncle Duane" Well he rode the quad over to give the kids rides and they were so very excited! You would think he would have learned his lesson since either last year or the year before he got pulled over by a cop for doing this- I guess he really loves his nieces because they can't get enough of it. Good thing our road isn't busy so he can get away with it!
Ryan sat there just staring at the quad so Duane asked if he wanted to go for a ride also- I had to say no because I know there is no way Brenda would let him do that!
What a good Uncle the kids have!

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Laura said...

I remember going for quad rides too - Uncle Duane would take me behind Grandpa and Grandma's house (before it was all developed) and we'd ride all over up and down hills - I'm sure the girls won't forget it because I haven't! :)