Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Here's a snack idea for you!

Saturday we got together with friends and I gave the kids all popsicles for snack. The kids were still coming upstairs and sneaking potato chips. I see Halle come up and trying to sneak away with a whole bag of pretzels. I told her no and she went back downstairs. A little while later, Arianna comes up and tells me Halle's eating pretzels downstairs. I was surprised because I didn't see her come up again and I asked Arianna- she's got the whole bag of pretzels down there?
No mom- she's eating them off of her picture!
We quickly got her upstairs because the picture was something she made at school of a log house and the pretzels were the logs- GLUED- to the paper!
We were relieved to realize that the glue did a very good job and held to the paper so she didn't eat any glue.
Here's a picture of the way we found the poor log house!
So if you ever need a snack idea for your kids just get out their old school projects- you'd be amazed at the possible snack ideas!!

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Laura said...

She is definitely a special, special girl! :)