Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter egg hunt

Every year I do an egg hunt for the kids. This year however was a little different because we had to have the hunt inside the house because for crying out loud- there's snow outside!!!
The kids still had a lot of fun and I have to say I did too- I love to really hide the eggs good and see how long it takes for them to find them!
Here's Arianna finding one in her boot!

Every year there is 1 "golden egg" and it has money in it. It was Halle's year to find it (Nick found it the first year, then Arianna so it was Halle's turn this year and she wasn't forgetting!} Everyone had found all of their eggs and the golden egg still hadn't been found so Halle said "I'm going to open my eyes real big so I can see the golden egg" I quickly snapped a picture- this is what she did!

It must have worked because shortly there after here she is spotting the egg in her chandelier!


Laura said...

You're so creative - those are great ideas!

I cannot believe how old Anna is looking - every time I see her I am shocked at how grown up she is getting! Wow.

Nick too - he looks so old! They're not supposed to get old - they're my little baby cousins! :)

Anonymous said...

We always hid our eggs in the house - it seems that even though there is not usually snow, there if usually crummy weather. looks like they all had fun! Mari