Friday, May 02, 2008

The story of the mean brother in law

Disclaimer: this is all written in jest

I have to back this story up and start from the beginning for you.
A little over a month ago, my wonderful sister Mari was talking to me about re-doing their kitchen. We talked for awhile and I shared with her that as long as she was changing some major things in her kitchen- she really needed to add a dishwasher.
She went on to explain that they tried but they couldn't figure out a way to make the cupboards work with a dishwasher. I gave her some ideas and left it there.
Long story short- they ended up deciding to do a dishwasher and here's where the story gets very sad.
Her husband Bob, is now blaming me for the extra work he is having to do just because I wanted what was best for my sister because I love her.

Now it doesn't end there- Bob has taken this to ridiculous lengths. You might remember this post from Mari from their trip to get Andy.
Do you see where he blames me for the GPS not giving good directions? Please take note that even though he's been treating me horribly- telling me I'm his least favorite sister in law- I rose above and still let him use my GPS. I do appreciate the fact that he recognizes my incredible genius to be able to program the GPS to do something like that!!

Now this past Wednesday though- he took his little vendetta against me too far- I again have to back up a bit. Earlier this year, I went to pick up Mari and accidentally backed up into their trash can and broke the wheel off the trash can.
I apologized and they got a different trash can from the company and it was resolved. Or so I thought.
A couple nights ago Mark and Nick were taking out the trash and I hear them talking about how our trash can wheel is broken and won't stay attached. Well my ears perked up and I hobbled out to the trash can for a closer look- yes- sure enough I spotted a little patch of green paint! Well I find it very interesting that Bob drives a green truck. Coincidence- I think not!!

I can only come to the conclusion that you- Bob- are guilty, guilty, guilty of the purposeful destruction of an innocent trash can!
You really need to come up with better things to do with your time- maybe you could start with a heart felt apology letter to me for your very hurtful actions and words. I think you need to take a hard look at what you have put me through- and PS- I suggest getting on this pretty quickly because Christmas is coming and you know I'm pretty tight with Santa!!!

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Jennifer said...


Mari said...

I'll make sure he sees this, but you know that's about all I can do. It's hard being caught in the middle of this feud! :)

Shelly said...

This is hilarious! How much fun can two people have going back and forth thinking of what one can do to the other? I know someone else who always would switch yard ornaments or if they got a ridiculously ugly gift or yard ornament and would sneak around and put in someone elses yard. That is funny to me, a fun game! Enjoy your time!

Diane said...

Ok, who's Hatfield and who's McCoy?

LOL - too funny!!! Maybe he needs to use all his "destructive energy" on remodeling another room!

Melissa said...

That is too funny!!!! :)

Terri said...

And to think that Mom always thought he was a good egg - I always knew there was more hidden under that bald exterior!

Dena said...

Ok - I can attest that they DO NOT know how to navigate or use a GPS - they had to call me (several times) whilest vacationing in the fine city of Charleston for directions - thank goodness I am a good (if only the fourth not counted) sister and give perfect directions - but I must say he has taken it tooo far this time! Breaking your trash can - I can only imagine he somehow blames you for the lost luggage too!

Bob better be on the lookout - I have a feeling you won't have forgotten by CHRISTmas and the squirrel will look like small potatoes! GET HIM GIRL!!!

Dena said...

PS - can someone tell BONNIE I am shut out of her blog!!!

A Stone Gatherer said...

That just can't be the Bob I know! Or do I really know him???? Hmmmmmm.....

Cheri said...

I have let Bonnie know.

I want you to know that I'm calling for a vote to have you be an official sister- you rock!!

I didn't even think about the luggage yet- I'm sure it won't be long till Bob does accuse me of that too!

Cherdecor said...

I just knew that there was more behind this comment:

"I only see one rough looking character in that picture and it's NOT Andy!"

Now the truth is coming out! (The GPS, the trash can, the dish washer and I am waiting to hear about the luggage.)

This is getting pretty interesting!

Nancy said...

Wow, I'm getting a whole different picture of the man my friend Mari is married to. She speaks very highly of the so called nice guy.. but I do think there is more than one side to this story.... To Funny!!!

Anonymous said...

You go girl. I'm beginning to understand the pain and frustration you women go through in your family. Wow, and to think, you were being so helpful! I just don't understand Bob being so cruel. Looks to me like someone owes you big time!

Hang in there, I'm sure Bob has BIG plans for making this right, hehe. I bet you can hardly wait.

I'm Sadie said...

LOL. That's what brother in laws are good for I guess! ;)

Anonymous said...

Cheri your blog is one I so enjoy reading,this one really had me laughing!!I'll keep a look out for suspicious things happening in your yard and near your house.Watch out Bob, I'm getting my binoculars out!Take care,Patty

Sandra said...

LOL how funny