Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Birthday

It is a very big day today! It is my newest sister's Dena's Birthday today!
We are so excited to have her in our family. It's a little sad to have a new family member and I've never had the chance to meet her in person (hint hint Dena) but don't worry Dena- I will definately be eating a piece of cake to celebrate your day today!!

We all wish you a terrific, wonderful, special birthday today. I hope you get pampered and lots and lots of Birthday hugs and kisses from Annie today. If you get a chance- head over to her website and wish her a special day.

Hugs from Michigan!

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Jennifer said...

I tagged you today. AHHHHH not ANOTHER Meme!

Dena said...

Thanks sweetie - I put a visit to my sissies on my birthday wish list!!!

Y'all are the best sisters EVAHHHH!!!

I'm Sadie said...

Enjoy the cake. Heading over to her site!

Terri said...

Happy Birthday, youngster! Could you send a piece of the cake on over here? So glad you're in the family and we have another reason to celebrate!

Mari said...

Happy Birthday to Dena!
PS - I enjoyed your meme answers to, although I knew them all already!