Wednesday, December 19, 2007

We have a winner!!!

Congratulations to Diane!
She is the winner of my 500 post contest! Diane- I'll put the gift card in your mailbox at church!! Enjoy!

Here's the post that has the pictures in them.

Here are the answers to what the pictures were:

1. Top rim of pop bottle
2. Page of a book
3. Crumpled up brown bag
4. Hose sprayer in sink
5. Inside of a stapler
6. Staples
7. Glasses
8. Fingernail clipper
9. Tea kettle
10. Scissers
11. Santa's beard
12. Shoe tread

Hope you enjoyed the contest- you all did very well figuring out what they were!

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Diane said...

WOW!! I can't believe I won!!! Thanks so much Cheri for the Target gift card! It's probably my favorite store!!

Congratulations again on your 500th post - keep 'em coming! :)

Mari said...

Congrats to Diane - and to you for 500!

Anonymous said...

Told you I was no good at guessing those things! Wow--I'm still in awe of your 500. Congrats to Diane! Whoo-hoo.

Terri said...

This comes as no surprise to me - I NEVER win anything!!
Congrats to Diane!

Bonnie said...

Hooray for Diane !! :)