Monday, December 10, 2007

I'm a lonely, lonely wife

Oh the loneliness that has enveloped me! It seems to come around every 7 days or so.
You see I'm a football widow. I never thought this would happen to me. Mark was never really that into football until.....

Fantasy Football League.

The guys at his work thought this would be so much fun- it started with Nascar and that was fine because I love Nascar so I was involved in it too. Football however doesn't interest me that much except the Superbowl.
Mark on the other hand has become obsessed. It goes on all week in small doses- he's constantly checking the computer for how his guys have done. Sunday however has become the ultimate football time. This is what he looks like all afternoon:

He gets all set up on the couch with his computer so he can check scores of all the games that he has people playing in.

This is what is across the room that he stares at so intently:

He is in 2nd place and the finals are now happening so hopefully I can return to not being so lonely soon!

PS- I hope everyone knows I was being sarcastic with this post- just giving Mark a hard time- it's what every wife is supposed to do right!

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Terri said...

It's okay - now you don't have to feel guilty about being on the computer either!

Nancy said...

I have a grandson who does fantasy football too, I'm not sure I understand it but he & his buddies have a great time too...

Mari said...

I can't believe Mark is into that. I didn't know he was interested. Like Terri said, you can be on the internet now!

Bonnie said...

For some reason, i can't see the photos. I'll have to try again later. Although, I couldn't see them earlier in the day either.

I was going to say ... when my husband is playing sports (or watching them which he does less than playing) I use that time to be on the computer !!!! Blog time for Bonnie !!! Sometimes I even encourage him to watch a game! ha ha

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Oh, I am so sorry. Atleast the season is over soon and the superbowl is coming up. YOu will atleast be able to enjoy that. I hope! Hang in there and use this time wisely for you!
Much love,

Laura said...

Oh! That's not good news at all!
I couldn't see the pictures either.
It will all be over soon though - but then I'm sure another sport will be starting!

Nate and Brenda said...

I couldn't see the pictures either!

I can relate. I used to be a fishing widow!!

I agree though at least now you do not have to feel guilty about being in the computer!!

Dena said...

Hahahahaha- That's awesome - spend the next year learing about football - and kick their a#@!
Got your cute card!

LeslieW. said...

It's always something. I have loney Saturdays, Kane is always out doing some kind of hobby. If he's home it's internet or xbox. I wonder what he would do if I was so engrossed into something that I ignored everything going on around me!

Sandra said...

I don't watch football and neither does my husband LOL Thank Goodness for that!