Monday, February 02, 2009

The decision has been made

We've been trying to figure out where if anywhere we would go for Spring Break this year. Thanks for all the ideas you guys sent in.
We were down to Branson Missouri and Gatlinberg Tennessee. We ended up deciding on Gatlinberg. We will be going with my sister Terri and her family. I found an absolutely gorgeous place to rent a 5 bedroom house so we will have plenty of room to have our own space too- the great news is that dividing the cost makes it very reasonable.
We wanted a house so we could cook our own food so we didn't have to pay for going out to eat as well.
We are so excited about this vacation, the kids want to see bears and apparently there's a good chance of that happening where we're staying!
We plan on going to the State Park- it's supposed to be beautiful, there is a really neat aquarium and there's a chinese Cirque De Solei type show that looks really neat.
We're going to just kind of play it by ear and see what we want to do exactly when we get there. The best part- it will be about 65 degrees there- perfect weather!!!!!

On a totally different note- can I just say how totally disgusted and dissapointed I am in Michael Phelps. He admitted this weekend that a picture taken of him last November is accurate and he was smoking pot. This is twice now that he has had "bad judgement" A couple years ago he had "bad judgement" when driving drunk.
It just kills me that so many kids look up to him and this is the behavior he exhibits!

Ok- off my soapbox. I hope everyone has a great Monday!

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Tami Vroma said...

I hope you guys have a great time! I am sure you will.
I agree that really stinks but he is young and stupid besides being a super-star he is still just a young stupid kid. I was more upset when the example was set for our kids in our own front yard two years ago.

A Stone Gatherer said...

Yeah I asked Halle yesterday if I could go to and she said NO! I don't get it! Have a great time! Watch Oscar and the bears! On the Phelps thing I'm so with you!

Cherdecor said...

Oh, you will have a great time at Tennessee. The weather will be great too! Watch out for those bears though. They are WILD!

You will laugh at me about the Michael Phelps deal. When I heard that, I thought, who is Michael Phelps? Is he the guy who sings for the Gaither Vocal Band? Hahahahaha!
You can tell that I am out of the loop!

Terri said...

I called into the radio this morning when they were talking about M. Phelps. Everyone thinks because he is young, he's being stupid. Well, when I was that age, I knew what was wrong - therefore didn't do those kind of stupid things. I hold him to higher regard because kids look up to him.

Can't wait for Gatlinburg!

Jodi said...

Gaitlinburg sounds fun. I bet you can't wait!

Personally, I think we hold celebrities up too high. When I was younger and I liked someone, they'd end up doing or saying something stupid and then I ended up not liking them so much. I learned early that they're not always what they seem. I think they've got a higher standard to hold up because so many people look up to them and they're always in the public eye. That's hard for some. Even though I think what Michael Phelps did was stupid, I think he's the type of guy that MIGHT learn from his mistakes and do better. Hopefully.

Mari said...

Sounds like so much fun! I want to go too!
I'm disappointed in Michael Phelps too, especially because he is a role model for some kids.

Anonymous said...

Alicia and Alfred went to Tennisee for their honeymoon. They stayed in a deluxe cabin. They loved being able to cook their own food.

You guys will have a blast!!!

Just so you know, spring break is usually around the first full week of April :P (You know I love you)

Sandra said...

Ooooh I've heard Gatlinberg is absolutely stunning, can't wait to see the pics.

All My Blessings said...

Hi Cheri, It's me Maribeths friend Kae. I see you all over blogtown and I thought I'd stop and say Hello. Hello. I'm on your soapbox---Why I do it I'll never know but I put all my faith in Michael Phelps and he let me down. He personally owes me nothing and if he would have said "ok america I've done some dumb things and in spite of it all I'm going to win gobs of medals in 2008." I wouldn't quite so disappointed. Thanx for helping off that soapbox. Kae

Nancy said...

I know you'll have plenty of fun.

chelsea said...

yea, I'm so excited, I can't wait, it's going to be awesome