Thursday, November 13, 2008

Halle's Birthday

Halle turned 7 today!! I can't believe my baby is 7!

My first clue that she was getting older was when I asked her what she wanted for supper and she told me a roast! What????? Not macaroni and cheese!
So she got her roast and mashed potatoes and gravy. I have to say- I was thrilled with her choice!

Here she is opening her gifts:

She got new jammies, a barbie doll and a new webkinz- what celebration wouldn't be complete without a webkinz!!

Here she is with her cake:

Here's a close up view- she wanted a cake with bunnies. I think they did such a good job- I love this bakery!

Happy Birthday honey- we love you so much! You are such a fun part of our family. I can't imagine not having that sweet smile greet me every morning!

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Anonymous said...

I love the little girl gifts! How fun for Halle.

The cake is great! Let me know where you got it. It looks like a familiar place, but hoping it's not and is cheaper than the one I know of :)

Can I have roast and mashed pototoes for my birthday, too?

Chad and Tammy said...

Happy Birthday Halle!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Halle - I'm so sorry I forgot to call earlier. And now it's too late :(
You have an adorable cake and what a cute dragon!! I hope you had a really great day!!
Uncle Dave and Aunt Terri
Katelyn, Chelsea and Shaelyn

Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Halle(Bally). She knows that is what I have to say in my head to keep from calling her Hailey in YC&W. She tells me that is what Grandpa calls her also. Too funny.

Cherdecor said...

WHAT? Her name is not Hallee? But Bally? Now I am confused! I think that people from Michigan speak a totally different language!!

Happy Birthday, Halle(Bally). I love you either way. You are such a sweet girl. I love that beautiful bunny cake too!

Mari said...

Happy Birthday Halle. The cake is so cute. I can't believe you are seven either!

Nancy said...

She is so cute and very nice gifts... Happy Birhtday Halle!!!

Bonnie said...

Oh wow ! SEVEN !! Happy Birthday Halle !

Jodi said...

Happy Birthday Halle!

Looks like she had a great day. Roast was a good choice for a meal!

Diane said...

Time goes too fast! I remember when you brought her home! 7 years - WOW! Happy Birthday Halle! I hope you had an awesome day!!! Love the cake BTW! ;)

Tami Vroma said...

Happy Happy Birthday Halle

A Stone Gatherer said...

Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday Halle!!! Happy Belated Birthday!